Kandy Day Tour

Enjoy a full day Kandy Day Tour, exploring the city’s history, spirituality, and natural beauty.

This Kandy Day Tour encapsulates the essence of Sri Lanka’s spirituality, natural beauty, and cultural vibrance. From the sacred Temple of the Tooth to the lush botanical gardens and lively dance performances, the tour will take you on an unforgettable city adventure.

Start your adventure with a scenic train ride from Colombo or Negombo to Kandy, offering picturesque views of the lush landscapes and charming villages along the way.

Upon arriving in Kandy, delve into the heart of Sri Lanka’s spiritual heritage with a visit to the iconic Temple of the Tooth. This revered site houses a relic believed to be the tooth of Lord Buddha, making it a significant pilgrimage destination for Buddhists from around the world.

Next, enjoy tranquillity of the Peradeniya Botanical Garden, where a serene oasis that showcases the island’s rich biodiversity awaits. Explore the vast collection of exotic plants, orchids, and towering trees while you are at the park and enjoy a peaceful time in nature.


Then, this Kandy Tour continues to a Tea Factory, where you can discover the art of tea production and gain insights into the intricate process of crafting Sri Lanka’s world-renowned Ceylon tea. Before you leave the place, sample freshly brewed tea and witness the estate’s breathtaking views of rolling tea plantations.

As the day winds down, experience the vibrant culture of Kandy with a mesmerizing Cultural Dance Show. Watch traditional dancers showcase their graceful movements, vibrant costumes, and rhythmic music, providing a captivating glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage.


  • Scenic Train Ride: Begin your adventure with a scenic train journey from Colombo or Negombo, revealing picturesque landscapes and charming villages.

  • Temple of the Tooth: Explore the iconic Temple of the Tooth, a spiritual pilgrimage site housing Lord Buddha’s relic.

  • Botanical Garden Oasis: Discover tranquility at Peradeniya Botanical Garden, home to exotic plants and serene natural beauty.

  • Tea Factory Insight: Learn the art of tea production at a Tea Factory, savor freshly brewed Ceylon tea, and admire tea plantation vistas.

  • Cultural Dance Show: Immerse in Kandy’s vibrant culture with a mesmerizing Cultural Dance Show, featuring graceful dancers and rhythmic music.

This Kandy Day Tour offers spirituality, nature, and culture in one unforgettable experience.

Kandy Day Tour Highlights



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