This is the relaunch of Ruby Asia!

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Ruby Asia was launched in 2014, lasted for 6 issues before things got too busy and so I parked it. However, I felt a duty to relaunch it because I see a lot of awesome articles coming out from the region lately, but few of them getting the deserved attention.

To recap my vision for Ruby Asia:

Ruby Asia aims to curate and highlight awesome articles written by Rubyists in Asia, and to bring recognition to these folks.

As Asia is a continent of many countries, each with their own native language, therefore expect some of the featured articles in Ruby Asia to be non-English.

Don't worry, Ruby is pretty universal, so I am sure you'll be able to understand the code alongside the Google-translated version of the article.

Hope you'll enjoy reading this relaunch issue!

Ruby Asia is brought to you by Winston and the folks at Jolly Good Code.

~ Winston @ Ruby Asia